Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breaking the Ice...

First off, a little intro about the site. My name is Evee, and I created BrightGreenSweater to serve as a place for me to share my own artwork, as well as the works of other artists that I admire. I've been struggling to find an art blog that does a good job of keeping up with work (contemporary or otherwise), and hope that BrightGreenSweater may become one of the few good ones out there. Hopefully you'll find something that you resonate with. I'll keep the posts as relevant as possible, containing either my recent ongoing works (including sketches, assignments from studio, etc.), or pieces by other artists. Bright Green Sweater is open to work of any media--including 2-D work, sculpture, music, poetry...there are loads of different artistic media and processes!

Feel free to give me feedback or ask questions!